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I am not familiar with wedding music. Can you outline and explain the parts of a wedding that usually include music?

    Here are the names and parts of a wedding that usually include music, with a detailed explanation of each:

      Bridal Processional
      Music within the ceremony
    Songs for each part of the ceremony are listed on Montana Wedding Music’s Song List (Repertoire) page. However, you are welcome to give us your own selections for any part of the ceremony.
    Prelude – The prelude is of fifteen minutes of welcoming music that sets the mood as your guests arrive and take their seats.
    Processional(s) — Processionals are special songs that signal it is time for honored guests followed by the bridal party to enter and walk down the aisle. Examples of honored guests include friends or family not in the bridal party, parents, and grandparents. Examples of the bridal party include flower girls, ring bearers, groomsmen, and bridesmaids. A small or average size wedding may have one processional song for all the honored guests and bridal party. A large size wedding may have one processional song for the honored guests and a second processional song for the bridal party.
    Bride’s Processional – Usually triumphant, uplifting and goosebump inducing, the bride’s processional is a song that signals it is time for the bride to walk down the aisle.
    Music within the Ceremony — Many wedding ceremonies include musical selections during the ceremony. Examples are musical interludes for a moment of reflection within the ceremony (sometimes between readings), or musical accompaniments during religious rites such as a candle lighting, communion, or breaking of a glass. If you are working with an officiant (church or synagogue music director, cantor, or wedding planner), the officiant will likely provide suggestions for the music selections, the number of selections, and where they fall within the ceremony.
    Recessional — The grand finale! Jubilant in nature, the recessional is played as the newly married couple exits (walks back down the aisle) after the ceremony, immediately followed by the bridal party and any honored guests.
    Postlude – Exit music for all guests, after the newly married couple, the bridal party and any honored guests exit the ceremony.

How will the musicians know when to begin the processional music?

    We will communicate with your wedding coordinator to let us know when everyone is ready. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, we will ask you to assign someone to let us know when the honored guests, bridal party, and bride are ready to walk down the aisle. We will discuss this as part of the planning process.

When do you arrive at the venue on the day of the wedding or event?

    We arrive an hour before we are scheduled to play a wedding, and 45 minutes before we are scheduled to play other events. This allows us time to set-up, get acquainted with the venue, evaluate our needs for amplification, and communicate with your wedding coordinator or any other designated person you have assigned to be our liaison.

Can you describe in more detail what you do the day of the wedding or event?

      We arrive an hour before we are scheduled to play a wedding, and 45 minutes before we are scheduled to play other events.
      We begin playing prelude music 15-20 minutes before honored guests are ready to walk down the aisle.
      When cued, we begin playing processional music when honored guests, family, and the bridal party are ready to walk down the aisle.
      During the ceremony, we play any musical selections as planned.
      At the conclusion of the ceremony, we play recessional music for the newly married couple to exit (walk back down the aisle) after the ceremony.
      If we are playing a postlude, we play music for everyone in attendance to exit after the ceremony.
      If we are hired for the cocktail hour after the ceremony, we move our instruments (and amplification equipment if needed) to the location of the cocktail hour, and we play up to 1 ½ hours of background music.

What if I don’t see the song I want on your repertoire list?

    No problem! Just let us know the song you want to hear and we will work with you to find the music. The musicians at Montana Wedding Music are classically trained, which means we can read any piece of music put in front of us. If you request a piece of music that is not in our repertoire, there is no extra charge for us to procure the sheet music.

What exactly is included in your fee?

    In addition to playing music at your event, our fee includes the following:
  • Phone calls, voicemails, texts, emails
    • Our fee includes all the phone calls, voice mails, texts and emails needed for consultation – that is, to help you select each and every piece of music for your wedding or event. Our promise to you is to help you set the mood you are intending, and to make this a fun, easy process. You’ll have one less thing to worry about (the music) and one more memory to cherish (the music)!
  • Sheet Music
    • We come prepared with all the music we need to play your event. If you request a ceremonial piece of music that is not in our repertoire, there is no extra charge for us to procure the sheet music. If we are playing for your cocktail hour, and someone requests a song on the spot, we can usually find the piece in one of our music books, or we may know the song by heart. Although it is rare, there may be an occasional song we are not familiar with and therefore will not be able to play if requested on the spot.
  • Travel Cost
    • As noted on the A la Carte Services page, for locations within 30 miles of Butte, there is no charge for mileage!
      For locations greater than 30 miles from Butte, add $1 per mile on the total round trip miles from Butte for all Montana Wedding Music gigs.
      (If you are hiring Platinum Street for your Wedding Reception or other event, see the Wedding Reception Page for details on travel costs for Platinum Street, as Platinum Street is separate from Montana Wedding Music).

    Do you sing?

      Yes! Some of our musicians sing. Listen to Frankee on Fly Me To The Moon, Nancy on Girl From Ipanema, Dave C. on Amazing Grace and David S. on Summertime and Sunny here. Requests for singing can be discussed during the planning process.

    What if we have other people we want to invite to sing or play certain musical selections during our ceremony or event?

      No problem! There is no conflict. When you hire Montana Wedding Music, no matter which package you purchase, you choose which parts of your ceremony or event you want us to play.
      Here are a few examples of when Montana Wedding Music might not be the sole provider of music at your wedding or event:
  • You have a friend or relative you have asked to play a musical instrument or sing a song during your ceremony or event.
  • You’ve hired your favorite local bagpipers for your recessional (this actually happened)!
  • You hire Montana Wedding Music (only) for the cocktail hour after your wedding ceremony, as you have other plans for music at your ceremony.
  • You would like your church organist or pianist to play certain religious selections (that your congregation is used to hearing) during the ceremony, but your organist or pianist does not want to play the prelude, processional(s), recessional, or postlude.

  • Will you accompany one of our friends or relatives who wants to sing during the ceremony?

      Unfortunately, we are not able to provide this service. Your friend or relative will need to provide his or her own accompanist, and is of course welcome to play during the ceremony, as explained above.

    Do you mind if we record or photograph you during our event?

      We would be honored if you record or photograph us, with the agreement that we are able to use your photographs or video clips on our website, Instagram account, or other promotional materials.

    Do you play outdoor wedding ceremonies?

      Yes, we play outdoor events with the strict condition there is a plan “B” in case of inclement weather. Our instruments are extremely valuable and sensitive to heat, cold, wind, dust and water, and we all know Montana weather can be unpredictable. We will not be able to play outdoors if the weather is too cold (under 60 degrees) or if we are in direct heat or sunlight, or if it is raining. For outdoor events, we require a shaded, sheltered area be provided in the case of inclement weather.

    Do we need to provide microphones for the musicians?

      No, we own all of our own amplification equipment. The acoustics at some venues are so good that no amplification is needed, but each venue is different. We plan on using our amplification equipment unless deemed otherwise once on location. We need only access to an outlet for power. This is always discussed as part of the planning process.

    What are examples of non-wedding events?

      Non-wedding events include (but are not limited to): Open houses, gallery events, wine tastings, grand openings, luncheons, business parties, dinner parties, holiday parties, awards ceremonies, funerals. Montana Wedding Music is the perfect fit for all of these events.

    What if I have no idea what kind of music I want for my wedding?

      No problem! We are here to help! We promise to make this an easy and fun process so you have one less thing to worry about (the music) and one more memory to cherish (the music)! We will discuss with you the kind of mood you want to set at your wedding and we will walk you through the options from start to finish, and leave you feeling confident you have chosen the right sound. Visit our Repertoire page to see our top suggestions, and click on the play button to listen to all the clips.

    Will you attend the wedding rehearsal?

      No, Montana Wedding Music musicians do not attend the rehearsal.

    How will we communicate before our event?

      We will communicate by phone, voicemail, text, and/or email. We can also use Skype or FaceTime if you would like an interactive video call. If you want to meet in Butte, it may be possible to meet in person, but it is not usually necessary.

    We would like to hire you for our wedding. What is the next step?

      Congratulations! You have made an excellent choice. We promise a first class experience from start to finish.

      Let’s start by confirming we are available on your requested date. Call, email, or text to let us know the date you are requesting.
      If we are available, the next step would be to work toward filling out our Montana Wedding Music Logistics Form. Download here.
      Our Montana Wedding Music Logistics Form will help us figure out exactly how many songs we need for each part of your ceremony. We will go through this together, but feel free to start filling it out. It may help you better visualize the ceremony.
      Every wedding is different. Some couples may want only two songs: one for everyone to enter and one for everyone to exit. On the other hand, some couples may want over 10 songs, especially for a full Catholic mass. We are experts at building a music program that will be just right for you, and flow seamlessly from start to finish, no matter how many songs we play.

    When and how do we pay you?

      To reserve us for your wedding or event, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit and a signed contract. The contract can be downloaded here.
      We welcome payment by PayPal, credit card, or by check.
      The deposit is non-refundable, unless you cancel 6 months prior to your scheduled event.
      The remainder of the fee is required before the event starts. You may give us a credit card or check in person when we arrive at the venue, or you may go online and pay by PayPal or credit card.

    What is your cancellation policy?

      Most weddings are booked 6 to 12 months in advance. Send us an email or a direct message on Instagram, or call us to confirm we are available on your special day.
      You can reserve us with a non-refundable $100 deposit.
      In the unfortunate event that a booking must be cancelled by you, the deposit amount is not refundable. An exception to that rule: If you cancel more than 6 months in advance, your $100 deposit will, in fact, be refunded. If you cancel with less than 30 days to the the event, you are responsible for 50% of the total fee.
      Because we have multiple musicians to draw from, we have never had to cancel playing an event. However, in the unlikely event of an emergency, if no substitute musicians are available and we have to cancel, all funds will be returned, and we will do our best to find a suitable replacement.

    Do you have insurance?

      Yes. Not only are we a limited liability corporation, but Montana Wedding Music carries a musician’s liability policy.